Mosul’s Rebirth Surrounded by Controversial Hope

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Iraq (International Christian Concern) – Today marks the six-year anniversary of when the Islamic State (ISIS) captured the Iraqi city of Mosul. The city is the capital of the Nineveh Governorate, which is traditionally home to most of Iraq’s Christian population. Thousands of Christians fled to Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region. Even after the declared military defeat of ISIS in 2017, most Christians remain displaced.

ISIS’s capture of Mosul left deep scars on the Christian community, who felt betrayed by their neighbors so that the extremists could commit genocide against religious minorities. While Christians have mostly returned to neighboring Qeraqosh, other cities such as Mosul remain desolate of their former Christian population.

Over the past few years, religious and government leaders have been working to rebuild areas destroyed by ISIS. Historical places of worship are being repaired and infrastructure continues to be rebuilt. Christian leaders hope that this will encourage the displaced community to return. But the process of healing from genocide is long, and restoring community trust is key.

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Mosul’s Rebirth Surrounded by Controversial Hope