More than 15 families emigrants from Mosul due to threats during last September

 Mowafak AL-Samani – Mosul

Statistics for number of districts in Mosul reported that more than 15 Christian families were forced to emigrate due to threats by armed men during last September in coincide with Ramadan. Most of that Christian families left houses on the consequences of targeting its members either by murdering, kidnapping or direct threats.
The martyred Nafee Basheer Jamooa and his son Rayan with four of his relatives were killed in Hay Al-Baker , a reason that 3 families left Mosul among with 5 families after kidnapping Riyadh Betti and releasing by Iraqi Police .
The emigrants headed to Ninevah plain for safety. Threats are increasing targeting Chaldean ,Syriac and Assyrian community specifically in Mosul where Hazim Toma and the youth Evan Anoya were killed on Saturday 4/10/2008.