Monument dedicated to the genocide of Assyrians to be erected in Yerevan

Karen Ghazaryan
“Thousands of Assyrians were massacred in Ottoman Turkey under Abdul-Hamid’s rule and during World War I,” researcher at the Armenian National Academy of Sciences Anahit Khosroeva told a press conference today. Speaking about the genocide of Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire, she said the topic has not been thoroughly investigated. But works in that direction continue.

Khosroeva reminded that in 2010 the Swedish Parliament recognized the Genocide of Armenians and Assyrians. According to her, works are currently underway on the recognition of the Assyrian Genocide by Australia.

President of the Assyrian “Atur” organization Arsen Mkhitaryan informed that a memorial dedicated to the genocide of Assyrians will be erected at Moskovyan-Nalbandian crossroads on April 25 and the events is expected to bring together Assyrians from different countries of the world.

President of the Union of Assyrians Razmik Khosroev noted, in turn, that the Armenian authorities have always shown a kind attitude towards minorities. He noted that Armenia is one of the few countries in the world, which accepts that Assyrians live in the country.

Khosroev noted that the Assyrian schools and the whole educational field is financed by the Armenian government. According to official data, 5 thousand Assyrians live in Armenia. According to non-official data, the number reaches 7 thousand.