Modesto woman builds Oval Office out of sweet squares

Bee Staff Reports
Modesto resident Madlin Salgo spent two months replicating the majestic presidential home, using roughly seven boxes of C&H sugar cubes to do the job.
Born in Iraq, Salgo moved to the United States and has lived in Modesto for 33 years. A dress designer, dressmaker and multitalented artist, she’s made several other sugar cube replicas, including one of an ancient Assyrian temple.
She finished 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in time for the Assyrian Club’s Mother’s Day tea party last month. Salgo built it to use as a centerpiece for the table she shared with nine others at the annual event attended by about 300 people. Her creations have graced her table at these events each of the past four years.
Building with sugar cubes is meticulous work that consumes her — and not vice-versa — as she toils at her kitchen counter.
The White House’s walls are adorned with beads to add color — red, white and blue, of course — and some of the doors and windows open.
A look into the Oval Office shows President Barack Obama at work, and there’s a car in the front yard holding likenesses of the Obama family — the president and first lady Michelle, with daughters Sasha and Malia — and their driver.
She also placed guards at the doors, and Obama greeting a foreign dignitary.
The interior is lighted, giving it a glow when the rest of the house is dark. And she recycles, using items others have thrown away.
This White House isn’t for sale — not yet, anyway.



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