img_0312.JPGWith the beautiful blue skies and the sun shining on us, with the nice breeze and the scent of summer filling up the air; it was a picture perfect day on Sunday August 31st 2008. Some people were dancing; some were strolling and others were chatting while the children ran around playing and laughing. This all paints a beautiful picture for us, but the most important part of this was that it unified all the different colors into one beautiful painting! A painting of piece, harmony, and love amongst our people.

As I was walking around the Festival, I realized we had achieved something here today. We have brought all these people together in one place under one roof, speaking the same language and listening and dancing to the same music. This proved to everyone that we are one People and one Nation; Chaldean Assyrian Syriac with no commas, slashes, periods, hyphens or anything else to separate them!

Our Unity Festival was a great success, with over 2000 people in attendance and 16 Sponsors and Vendors. There were eight soccer teams that played in a competitive tournament including four youth teams under the age of 16. The “Detroit Chaldeans” soccer teams won both the youth and the adult tournaments. As the players were presented with their medals and trophies at our Unity Festival, people gathered around to support, congratulate, and watch them celebrate.img_0563.JPG

The 4th Annual Unity Festival for next year is already under planning. Many businesses and sponsors approached us and showed interest in becoming part of this meaningful Festival. Everyone was very impressed by the fact that this Unity Festival was for everyone and not just one particular group and/or Church. It was our goal and we achieved it! We want to raise awareness in our Community; especially with the YOUTH, that there is no difference between us and that we all come from the same land, have the same language, same religion, same God and we share the same traditions. Our youth are our future and we are encouraging every parent to raise their children with an open mind towards their Chaldean Assyrian Syriac brothers/sisters and stand up and say NO to RACSIM!

On behalf of the organizing committee and as the president of Ishtar Cultural Center, I would like to thank all our friends and family that supported us. Special thanks to our sponsors who supported us financially because without them this wouldn’t be possible. We hope that we see everyone next year and see this spread to other communities where our Chaldean Assyrian Syriac people live in the United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

Thank you,

Andre A. Giorgis
President – Ishtar Cultural Center
Unity Festival Organizing Committee
Assyrian Aid Society – Michigan
ChaldoAssyrian Syriac Council of Michigan