Militants from Daash blew up an under construction Armenian Church in Mosul – Mosul – Younes Thanon

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant blew up a church belong to the Armenian community near Alsalam hospital, in the neighbourhood of Alwahda that located in the left bank of the city of Mosul. correspondence in Mosul reported that militants blew up the church which is under construction. The building of the church had previously been trashed and its contents of building construction materials were stolen before completing the construction because it’s stopped after 2003.

At the same time Christians warned of the consequences of breaking into the churches in the city as the guards in charge for their protection escape after the invasion of the entire city of Mosul by Daash. The churches located in different places on both banks of the city were locked their doors and left without protection. The Holy Spirit Church located in Alnoor neighbourhood in Mosul has been robbed by steeling the electrical contents earlier on Wednesday by armed militant groups.

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