Mikati saluted women, promised to empower their role in politics

BEIRUT | iloubnan.info – March 08, 2011Prime Minister Designate Najib Mikati met on Tuesday with British Ambassador to Lebanon Francis Guy and discussed with her equality in education for women and empowering female representation in the Parliament.

Mikati saluted women on International Women’s Day, calling for their empowerment and protection, and vowed to work for the removal of discrimination against women in the new cabinet.

He also promised to work in parliament to draft bills that protect women from domestic violence.

Guy said after the meeting that her visit aimed at discussing issues related to the International Woman’s Day.

Mikati separately met with a delegation representing Syriac Catholic Patriarch Egnatios the third, Younan.

Prime Minister Designate Najib Mikati was appointed for premiership after Hezbollah and its allies toppled Saad Hariri cabinet on January 12.

Mikati has tried to cooperate with all political parties to form a national salvation cabinet; however, March 14 coalition has refused to take part in a Hezbollah backed cabinet and legitimize the March 8 camp’s coup.

March 14 coalition has called for a massive rally to take place on March 13 to voice support to the STL and reject non-state weapons