Middle East Council of Churches:The Palestinian cause is rightful: There will be no peace without justice

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The Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches, Dr. Souraya Bechealany took a firm stance against what has been called “the Deal of the Century”.Bechealany stressed that “the Palestinian cause is a rightful cause and addressing it through bargaining and trade-offs is unacceptable”. Bechealany considered that this approach destroys the essence of the resistance of the Palestinian people to establish a Palestinian State with a capital in east Jerusalem and to guarantee the right of return for the Palestinian refugees.


 “Since 1948, the Palestinian people have been bleeding and the Middle East has been staggering under the weight of conflicts and wars. Now is the time to achieve peace, a true peace based on justice away from unilateral decisions that flout the relevant UN resolutions”, Bechealany added.


“The Middle East Council of Churches that has always supported the resistance of the Palestinian people, calls the international community to put an end to the injustice and restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinians. MECC also stresses the importance of adopting constructive approaches and continuously praying until peace and justice are achieved!”, Bechealany concluded.  



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