Middle East Christians Welcome Syrian Muslim Refugees

By Morgan Lee , Christian Post Reporter
As their countries have opened their doors to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees from its deadly civil war, the Christian community in Jordan and Lebanon have welcomed their beleaguered neighbors with aid, counseling, trauma support and family programs.
A Syrian refugee family with a Lebanon Bible Society aid package. The Bible Society provides aid for around 3,000 Syrian refugee families. (Photo: Lebanon Bible Society)

Munther Al-Namat who leads the Bible Society of Jordan, a local branch of an international charity that translates, publishes and distributes the Bible globally and provides disaster relief, said that the programs his group has offered have made the Gospel available to Syrian refugees.

“Thousands of refugees have almost daily contact with Christians and they are experiencing the love that has been planted in our hearts by our faith,” Al-Namat said in a statement.

In Lebanon, the Lebanon Bible Society is helping 3,000 families who live in both the camps and suburbs of Beirut.

“They are so grateful for the help,” said Lebanon Bible Society General Secretary Mike Bassous. “During a recent aid distribution in a camp the refugees started singing to us.”

Bassous noted that his work was not always uniformly welcome.

“It’s not always easy – in another camp our volunteers were attacked by some religious leaders. The refugees told them to leave the Christians alone because they were helping. They told our team, ‘Please come back. You’re always welcome here,'” adding, “Please pray as we reach out to show God’s love to Syrian refugees who have suffered so much.”