Michael Yon: Baghdad’s Sunni Muslims Tell Christians to ‘Come Home’


Al Qaeda’s two-and-a-half year reign of terror in the southern Baghdad’s Dora district is over.
And yesterday, at St. John the Baptist Chaldean Catholic Church, a mass was celebrated in Dora for the first time since April, 2007, when elements of Al-Qaeda, having redeployed there after being run out of Anbar province, tore down crosses from neighbohood churches then ordered Christians to convert to Islam, pay the jizya (a tax imposed on non-Muslims), leave with no personal possessions or die.

Michael Yon, who snapped the iconic image of the cross being placed back atop St. John’s dome last week, was back at the church again yesterday where a small number of Chaldean Catholics were joined by dozens of Sunni Muslims carrying a message for their Christian brothers and sisters who fled Al-Qaeda’s terror: Come Home.

Michael Yon is truly an American treasure.

His reporting on Al-Qaeda’s defeat in Iraq by the US military and Sunni tribal forces made the mainstream media sit up and take notice.

The war is not won yet, folks. But a corner has been turned.

And as reconstruction kicks into high gear and reconciliation gains momentum, we’re gonna need to keep Michael in Iraq and his reporting in the mainstream media’s face.

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