Member of the Sutoro Brigade killed in Qamishli. Archbishop Hindo: Russia and the US do not support Kurdish autonomist projects

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Hassakè – On Thursday August 31 a clash between militiamen in the north-east Syrian city of Qamishli caused the death of a member of Sutoro self-defense groups, often accredited by the media as “Christian” militiamen. The young militiaman of “Sutoro” was killed by a peer who belonged to Kurdish armed groups. This is what Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo, at the head of the Syrian Catholic Archbishopric of Hassake-Nisibi confirmed to Agenzia Fides, adding that the incident was triggered by personal issues and that in the evening the situation in the city had returned to calm. “Compared to a few months ago, the Catholic Archbishop says to Fides, the autonomist impulse of some Kurdish groups seem to have cooled down: high-rank Russian military came to our region to speak with the leaders of those Kurdish groups and to point out that in Syria there will never be the dismemberment of the territory and the unilateral proclamation of a Kurdish ‘independent area’. The Russians have made it clear that they have already agreed on this with the Americans, and even the Kurds of the PKK, based in Turkey, strongly support the plan to dismantle Syria and create a Kurdish nation in the east. That is why some Kurdish groups now feel betrayed by the forces that in the past had given the impression of supporting them”.
In July , the militants and militiamen of the Kurdistan Democratic Party , Syrian branch of Karkeren Kurdistan Party , had begun to realize in facts their intent of creating an autonomous Kurdish region in the Syrian region of Jazira, which in the Kurdish media is already indicated with the Kurdish name of Rojava. In the northeastern Syrian province of Hassaké, the self-proclaimed autonomous administration of Rojava had begun implementing a local tax system to subsidize the region’s public services.