Melodies Under the Palms This Book will provide a financial percentage to the needy refugees.

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West Bloomfield, Michigan – Author Dr Salma Ajo is proud to announce the release of her new book, Melodies Under the Palms (published by Author House). Motivated by a
Two major issues motivated me to write this book. I felt overwhelmed with some speakers, politicians and journalists who introduce themselves as specialists in the Middle-East affairs. With only minimal knowledge after a short visit to these countries especially Iraq–they believe that they have the expertise to make decisions about these countries and its culture. I have both knowledge and the experience of living in the Middle East, not only in Iraq, but also in most of the Arab countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Kuwait, Tunisia and Morocco. My family visited almost every one of them as I was growing up, plus I identify and understand the different dialects spoken in every Middle Eastern country. As you will be introduced to me through this narrative, you will find my experiences of growing up in Iraq both interesting and perhaps an eye-opener. You will learn about my childhood, how I was exposed to speaking, reading, and writing multiple languages, and you will learn something about Iraq’s neighboring countries

I decided to write about the Iraq I knew before the 70’s, the Iraq I used to know before we moved to the United States, which is not the same Iraq I used to know. Growing up with a loving family back then, a safe environment was most important and children were innocent. It was a true example of “It takes a village to raise a child.”

The main objective of this book is to introduce the Iraq I used to know, and bring about a different perspective to a country that has been so harshly portrayed by the media. The reader will be taken back to a time where Iraq was filled with culture and diversity, and experience what it was like to grow up in the region of the Fertile Crescent. The true beauty of such a wonderful country will be brought to light and its vast history will leave readers in awe.

About the Author
Residing in West Bloomfield Michigan happily married with three boys and three grand- children one 14,12 and 1 year. Dr Ajo earned her Doctoral Degree in Psychology from the USA. She has been involved with the Community, Socially, politically and working as a Clinical psychologist helping many Mental Disorders, including Addictions. She worked 14 years at Henry Ford Hospital Rehab and having Private Practice for 20 years help her clients to stay active at the same time.