Media ignoring what’s really going on in Iraq

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Bill Bumpas (
Iraq mapA Christian communicator visiting Iraq says he is getting quite a different view of the Middle Eastern country than what the secular media is reporting.
With news reports documenting the bloodshed and destruction wrought by ISIS, Charles Morris, a speaker and radio host and the president of Haven Ministries, wanted to see for himself what was happening. He is currently on his third trip to Iraq and says while the devastation is great even as the terror group is losing its stronghold in the country, Christianity is on the move.

“It’s what you read at the end of Genesis — Joseph telling his brothers, ‘What you meant for evil, God has meant for good.’ And so what ISIS is using for evil, God is using for good, His good,” Morris asserts.

Speaking to OneNewsNow from the ancient Iraqi town of Bartella, which was recently liberated from ISIS, Morris explains he has interviewed dozens of people – mainly Muslims, but some Yazidis and nominal Christians – who have become committed followers of Christ.

“You talk to people who’ve met Jesus here, and they’re going to tell you that Christ is reigning, and Christ is reigning supreme,” the radio host relays. “And that’s not something you’re going to hear in the secular media.”

Morris has documented some miraculous accounts of God’s amazing intervention in his new book, Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus: The Real Story of God at Work.