Massive demonstrations took place in Baghdad and Towns in Nineveh plain in protest at the criminal operations against the Christians in Mosul Exclusive.9.jpgMassive demonstrations took place this morning, the 28th of February 2010, in Baghdad and the Towns in Nineveh plain, with the participation of thousands of Christians to protest the continued terrorist attacks against them in Mosul.
In the Iraqi capital Baghdad was launched today a massive rally, called by Hammorabi Organization for Human Right with the participation of hundreds of Christians.
On the other hand, in Baghdeeda, Telleskuf, Karamlase, Bartella and Alkosh, which they are Christian towns located in Nineveh plain, launched massive demonstrations, in which the number of participants exceeded expectations. The participated crowed estimated to be thousands of Christians who carried banners calling for the central government in Baghdad and the local authorities in Mosul and the security institutions to protect and preserve Christians lives.
The demonstrations in the areas of the Nineveh plain come after last Week calling launched by the Bishops in Nineveh asking for a peaceful demonstrations in protest at the continued terrorist operations against Christian people that led to the displacement of thousands of them to saver areas.