Masses of Babil governorate support Bent Al-Rafedain organization in its solidarity stance against the uses of violence against women

On the occasion of global Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Bent Al-Rafedain organization has announced its public stance on November 29/2012 in solidarity with women’s issues and to protest against the violence against women in all its forms.
The stance was in the one of the most public squares of the city of Hilla, (Babil Center), and the Participants were from both gender , men and women gathered in a large groups .
A groups of Widows women, and those women which had lost their guardian were claimed their rights.
Large numbers of activist, journalists and many of officials were from the Participants in this stance.
Mrs. Alyaa Al Ansari had talked in her speech: “Today We want to define the wider dimensions of violence, some of us believes that the violence is just to insult and hit the woman, but we said that the violence is to confiscating her rights, violence is the State’s negligence for her issues, not providing services needed to ensure a decent life is also another type of violence, the perception of inferiority of the community to the women is also another type of violence .
So today we call on the central and the local government to ensure the necessary protection for the Iraqi women specially the legal protection”.
The participants were raising posters, candles and banners, in addition to that the organization members had distributed bags filled with dessert .and a piece of papers had wrote on it a phrases that encourage respect for women these posted had distributed to the police and traffic police .
It is worth mentioning that the Bent Al-Rafedain Organization is one of women’s organizations working in Babil governorate is now spearheading a campaign to put a pressure on the council of the Babil governorate to get a law allowing the establishment of a center to help women that undergo a family violence.