Mass Demonstration in Baghdeda

Exclusive /
Aws Hasso

Saturday 28/9/2008

A peace parade stemmed in Baghdeda across the streets raising slogans demanding to affirm Article (50) of election law for provinces council including the system of Qota for Chaldean, Syriac and Assyrian people plus other minorities.

The parade came for the appeal of Chaldean,Syriac and Assyrian public council due to cancellation of Article (50) by the Iraqi parliament on 24/9/2008 .

Demonstrators passed to the governorate of Al-Hamdaniya where Mr. Jamil Zito , head of Chaldean,Syriac and Assyrian public council read the protest memorandum addressed to Iraqi president Mr. Jalal Al-Talabani , the prime minister Mr. Noori Al-Maliki , Head of Iraqi parliament Mr. Mahmood AL-Mashhadani ,representative of UN Mr. Dimestora and the US ambassador in Iraq Mr. Rayan Kroker.

The protest memorandum assured the affirming of Article (50) of election law for provinces council and demand for anonymous region.
The memorandum delivered to Mr. Nisan Karoomi governor of Al-Hamdaniya.

In his speech Mr. Zito stated that the decision of cancellation was negative for minorities in Iraq and not only for Christians ,and contradicts the Iraqi constitution.

Mr. Ramzi Mekha, member of Ninevah province council speaks to the public to demonstrate in Teleskaf on Tuesday, to condemn the cancellation.

Participants in the parade were: Head and members of Chaldean ,Syriac and Assyrian public council , representatives of political parties and public organizations in Ninevah plain.