Mark Arabo: Iraqi Christian Priest Being Forced to Return to Iraq

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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Mark Arabo is available for interviews with Father Noel of St. Peters Church. Father Noel has been threatened with the loss of his priesthood from Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Sako if he does not immediately return to Iraq.

In a recent memo sent to all Chaldean priests within the United States, Patriarch Sako called upon the immediate return to Iraq of all priests who previously administered there. This includes Father Noel of St. Peters Chaldean Church in San Diego. An emergency mass is being convened at St. Peters Church on Wednesday, October 22 at 4:30 PM with members of the clergy, church members, and community spokesman Mark Arabo to urge Patriarch Sako to retract his statement.

Arabo, who is National Spokesman for the Iraqi Chaldean Christian community, is available for in studio or camera interviews with Father Noel to discuss the efforts being made in San Diego to force the Patriarch to retract his statement.

“It pains me to think that martyrdom can be forced upon those seeking to do the work of God in the United States,” Arabo said. “We, as a community stand wholeheartedly against the statement made by Patriarch Sako. It reflects a growing disconnect between himself and our people. Our top priority is the safety and security of the Iraqi Christian people. The antics of our Patriarch Sako show that some even within our own church opt to politicize the cruelty of a genocide occurring in our midst.”

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