Mardinkhas nomination

namination.jpgDear brothers and sisters in Christ;

Greetings in the name of Christ:

I hope that you and your blessed family are doing good. On behlf of you all I wanrate to congratulate His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV for bieng nominated by the University of Chicago for honarary doctorate degree. This namination was granted to His Holiness based on many great things he has done in the area of preservation of the Assyrian culture,language and the heritage of the Assyrian Church since he was consecrated as of the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church. The following is the letter of the uneversity of Chicage which was read in the 32 end anniversery Celebration of the Consecration of his Holiness as Patriach of the Assyrian Church. May God bless us all.Amen

ܟܘܪܐܦܣܩܘܦܐ ܓܝܘܪܓܣ ܬܘܡܐ
Cor-Bishop Dr. George Toma