Mandean Baptist community in Iraq denounced killing of three of its members /Exclusive
The rector of the Mandean Baptist community of Iraq denounced the criminal attack on 19/April/2009 resulting killing of three of its members, Haitham Hamid Khudayer , Anas Haitham Hamid , Luay Asaad Hani , and injuring Asaad Hani and Firas Shaker Gulaim.
In a statement issued by the community on Sunday 19-April with a copy gained by stated that the three victims were killed by the attacks of armed unknown groups while they were working in their shop of goldsmith inTobji district in Baghdad , carried out the killing of three and injuring two others.
The statement called for the Iraqi Prime Minister Noori Al-Maleki to interfere and follow-up the Mandean Baptist situation in Iraq while facing kidnapping, killing and forced to leave the country, the last crime happened Sunday morning. Among victims was a child of seven years old.
The statement also called for punishing the criminals questioning about reasons for not achieving clear results. These crimes forced Baptists to flee outside Iraq.