Malopolska Region will donate 100 000 zlotych for milk for children in refugee camps in Kurdistan Region

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During the session of the regional parliament of the Malopolska Region councilors unanimously decided to donate 100 000 z?otych (26 000 dolars) to buy milk for children that took shelter in refugee camps in Kurdistan Region.
Additionally, Malopolska councilors also encouraged in a special appeal and in subsequent media appearances residents of Malopolska to support this action individually (they can donate money sending text messages). Councilors also directed many warm words to the Kurds, calling them “Poles of the Middle East” and have stressed that “much more reasonable is to support the maintenance of the refugees by the Kurdistan Regional Government than offering money to Turkey.”

Malopolska Region will donate money via “Caritas Polska”- the biggest Polish humanitarian organization which implement in refugee camps the action “Milk for Kurdistan”.

Malopolska Region has been partner region of Kurdistan for five years. It is another time when Malopolska helps refugees in Kurdistan. In December 2014 it sent humanitarian convoy with goods (mattresses, beds, winter clothes, blankets) worth 200 000 zlotych.