LTC Sangari visit to Australia

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Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Sangari, USA (ret.), 7-9 APR 18 key leader and strategic engagements in Australia, as we continue to create enduring and mutually supportive relationships through a comprehensive approach to partnership.
Sydney – 9 April 2018
Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Sangari, USA (ret.), founder and CEO of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement (NEC-SE), and the founder and president of the United Assyrian Appeal (UAA), had a very busy week in his short trip to Australia. He conducted strategic level key leader engagements with key members of the Australian Parliament for both State and Federal Houses and Ministers in the Australian Government. He met with and briefed His beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia, Metropolitan of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East Diocese of Australia, New Zealand & Lebanon, and is honoured to have been given a tour of the St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College, the only Assyrian College in the world. LTC Sangari was requested to speak with and coordinated for future engagements with the school’s staff principles in support of the Colleges long-term strategic educational mission. LTC Sangari ended his trip by giving a speech at a breakfast held in his honour by the Jewish Board of Deputies at the Sydney’s Jewish War Museum. The meeting engagements were held at the request of the various key leaders he met with and for the purpose of strengthening the enduring partnership between the Assyrians political and religious leadership, and the Government of Australia. The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) scheduled and coordinating all of the meetings.

On Saturday 7 April 2018, LTC Sangari accompanied by Mr hermiz Shahen, Deputy Secretary General of the AUA and Mr. David David, Regional Secretary of the AUA of Australia and New Zealand, attended a breakfast and school tour hosted by St Narsai Assyrian Christian College staff and students at their new Horsley Park location. LTC Sangari meet with His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaia, Metropolitan of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East Diocese of Australia, New Zealand & Lebanon, Mr Edwar Dinkha, Head of St Narsai Assyrian Christian College, and a number of influential guests including the Hon Chris Bowen MP, and Mr Chris Hayess MP. All of the VIP’s and other invites were given a tour by the students and staff.

After the school tour LTC Sangari, accompanied by Mr David David, attended a previously requested meeting by Mar Meelis Zaia at his residence in Elizabeth Hills. Over a period of approximately one and a half hours, LTC Sangari provided a private briefing and discussion on key issues and topics affecting the Assyrian community of Iraq and within the diaspora.
LTC Sangari began the briefing by congratulating his Beatitude for the wonderful achievements and tireless efforts and dedication to lead the Assyrian Church of the East in Australia and asked him to continue to promote similar church and educational programs throughout the world and pushed for a duplication of the current Australian generational programs in the United States under church leadership. Mar Meelis Zaia asked about the structures and missions of the NEC-SE and the United Assyrian Appeal. His Beatitude learned that key U.S. political and government leaders have advocated in the past on behalf of UAA missions. LTC Sangari also briefed Mar Meelis on the Assyrian national standings to date in reference to security, development, and governance lines of efforts covering strategic level issues and topics that have will be affecting the Assyrian community over the next three years. Mar Meelis was additionally briefed on the volatility of the situation faced by the Assyrian Christians in the region, and the unilateral Assyrian security response to the genocide from 2014-2017. LTC Sangari also discussed the possible short-term and long-term security, and development plans for the Assyrians given the situation demands immediate remediation. Both sides will try to continue with a future return and meeting engagement on the topics discussed.
On Monday 9 April 2018, LTC Sangari together with Mr Shahen and Mr David attended a breakfast hosted by the Jewish Board of Deputies in honour of LTC Sangari. Ms Lynda BenMenashe and other staff members graciously welcomed LTC Sangari who gave a presentation to the invited guests. The talk and the question and answer period lasted for two hours. In the talk LTC Sangari highlighted the eternal bounds between Assyria and Israel and the strategic security needs for the two nations to work on common supporting goals within the region. LTC Sangari call for action was for the Jewish communities such as the one in Australia and the Government of Israel to recognize the Assyrian genocides specifically the 1933 and 2014 genocides to begin to strengthen the bound which God has forged between the two nations. The question and answer period concentrated on the topics of the strategic importance of an Assyrian state in the Middle East.
On the same afternoon LTC Sangari and the AUA leads met with Mr Guy Zangari MP, Member for Fairfield, Shadow Minister for Justice and Police, Shadow Minister for Corrections, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services; Dr Hugh McDermott MP, State Member for Prospect and Mr Chris Hayes MP, Chief Opposition Whip.
During which AUA guest explained the tragic and dangerous situation that our people are facing in Iraq and Syria. LTC Sangari spoke about the role Australia can play in advocating for and empowering an Assyrian State. The AUA proposed a plan of action and resolutions requesting to take the discussion further with the Australian authorities. Various MP’s asked for supporting documents and NEC-SE documents to detail the possible points of discussion in reference to security, governance, and development lines of effort.
LTC Sangari thanked the Australian chapter of AUA for organising all these meeting in such a short and busy time.
Assyrian Universal Alliance – Australia Chapter
PO Box 34, Fairfield NSW 1860 Australia.

LTC Sargis Sangari briefing at the Jewish Board of Deputies in Sydney


Meeting with Mr Guy Zangari MP, State Member for Fairfield

Meeting with Dr Hugh McDermott MP, State Member for Prospect


Meeting with Mr Chris Hayes MP, Chief Opposition Whip