Lina Yakubova, a documentary film maker passes into the light

lina-yakubova-4.pngMarch 21, 2011 in the City of Angels ~ An angel gracefully laid down her wings as cancer silently invaded her young life. . . Lina Yakubova, a documentary film maker passes into the light, leaving behind her distraught nation holding treasures of her accomplishments.

Born to Assyrian and Armenian parents in the Assyrian village of Dmitrovo (Qoyalasar) in Armeia, Lina completed her Ph.D. studies at Yerevan State University and her undergraduate at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre Art and Cinematography in Armenia.
An award winning film maker of Assyrian and Armenian genocides, she had produced several successful documentaries, including “Assyrians of Armenia,” “Second Homeland,” “Ancestral Home,” “Gates of the East” and “A Forgotten Page of One Nation.”

At the time when her small nation faced the most difficult turbulences since the last century, Ms. Yakubova was guest speaking before the British House of Commons at a hearing on the Assyrian Genocide in 2006. She was noted to have spoken passionately and eloquently about her experience during the filming of “A Forgotten Page of a Nation.”

She was last spotted on March 2 at “The First Assyrian Diaspora from the Homeland: Assyrians in Armenia, Georgia and Tsarist Russia“ at University of California ~ Berkeley.

~ Helen Talia, Chicago
March 21, 2011