Letter to Iraqi Politicians: Taking Care of People and Achieving an Inclusive Renewal Project

  • Written by:

Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako
Since 2003, successive Governments failed to: build the country on the right way; develop a comprehensive plan to get out of the sequential crises; and achieve security and stability required for a decent life in Iraq. The result was a situation of suffering, tensions and fears that led people to protest due to lack of services, unemployment, furtherance of corruption, decline of the economy, inability of the Government to respond to their demands.

As an Iraqi citizen, I express my hopes and aspirations for a “future country” of justice and equality, a homeland that provides a safe and dignified life for its’ citizens.

Here is my Vision:

No more tolerance, the situation must be adjusted before it is too late. Therefore, the formation of a strong civil coalition Government should be accelerated to manage the country affairs and to start an inclusive project for change, development and coherence in both national and international dimensions. This can be achieved through the provision of security, civil and political rights and the promotion of basic human and democratic values.
Limit weapons to “the use of” national army and the federal police as well as strengthening the role of the military institutions keeping them away from political parties and sectarianism.
Apply strict controls in appointing people for senior positions and special jobs based on competence and experience rather than on “favoritism”.
Refer corrupted people to the court and recover public money.
Employ the majority of jobless youth and strengthen the national economy by reviving agricultural, industrial and tourism projects, in addition to encouraging wealthy people to invest.
Modernize infrastructure by allocating funds to ensure electricity, water improve roads, universities, schools and hospitals with a professional implementation of all these projects.
Modernize the society, by designing a new school curricula and developing programs for awareness to endorse public culture, encourage dialogue and acceptance of other, promote peace and life, respect for the environment, public properties and law (to end the tribal chapter).
Reform the constitution and laws, by adopting citizenship and absolute “rooting” to the homeland rather than to the religious or sectarian affiliation (since modern countries are not built on sectarianism).
Reduce the number of Parliament members and prepare them to work within a clear and accurate program as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is doing for its diplomats.
Reform laws responding to the current needs, away from the old “traditional ones” that are not valid for today. Also, I would like here to emphasize the role of Iraqi women and their abilities.

FInally, I hope that this message will have an echo during the formation of the next Government.

This message was handed over to the three Presidencies, Political Figures and Diplomatic Missions in Iraq.



Letter to Iraqi Politicians: Taking Care of People and Achieving an Inclusive Renewal Project