Letter: History repeating the Cold War with Middle East

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Our 2014 war scenarios seem to be replays of Cold War confrontations with Russia and China, plus reruns of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syrian U.S. interventions of 1991-2003 under Bush/Cheney and Clinton regimes.
Anti-war protests and elections change nothing. Big Oil, arms brokers and military contractors reap huge profits as politicians exploit sectarian strife and hype “mission creep” and “fear inflation” to enrich overseas proxy dictators, often allied with brutal religious fanatics.

The ISIS genocidal insurgency and recurrent Gaza-Palestine incursions are horrific examples that likely will never end until the perpetual war system exhausts itself and devastates the planet.

ISIS can be degraded by negotiations with its aggrieved Sunni tribal supporters, but Iraqis themselves, not outsiders, must contain and defeat ISIS that is largely funded by Saudi and Qatari-Iraqi civil sectarian wars to secure oil flow to Europe and China.

Both Sens. Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren are peaceful pragmatists worthy of citizen support.

For pursuing effective means to counter ISIS: 1. interdict lucrative oil sales, 2. curtail massive funding by Salafi, Saudi, and Qatari backers of ISIS and Syrian rogue rebels, 3. halt Saudi Arabian financing of their propagation of warped Islamism among discontent youth worldwide.

Meanwhile, U.S. people of faith (or none) can unite in continual support of Syrian and Iraqi Christians, innocent Muslims, and minorities undergoing persecution and privation. “Give peace a final chance” in this latter day of tribulation. Visit indefenseofchristians.org and nestorian.org.

Carl Davidson