“Let the grace that is in you through the laying on of hands be rekindled.”(2 Timothy 1:8)


Of a priest is celebrated,
Then it is not anymore about him,
It’s about the PRIESTHOOD that he has embodied.

It’s about the CHRIST who he exemplifies by his actions.
It’s about the wonderful work of a priest,
and the way he touches the lives of so many.
In occasions like this,
we have a chance to express
our love and gratitude
with a simple Thank You from the bottom of our hearts..

Fr. Emmanuel
We thank you;
for your fidelity,
for your loyalty to our church,
for your gentleness and humor,
for all the wonderful things you have done for so many people,
especially in our Community

Fr. Emmanuel; we love you and we pray:

“Almighty Father, we implore Thee,
continue to grant this Thy servant, the dignity of the Priesthood.
Renew within him the spirit of holiness, that he may keep the rank
in Thy service which he has received from Thee 25 years ago,
and by his conduct afford a pattern of holy living. AMEN. ”