Lebanese PM calls on Arabs to embrace Iraq

21494-ap0808200127081.jpgThursday, August 21, 2008 07:27 GMT

Nine days following the visit of Jordan’s King Abdullah II to Baghdad, Lebanese Prime Minister Foad Siniora who made a one day visit to Baghdad is the second Arab leader to visit Iraq since 2003. In light of increasing Arab interest to re-establish diplomatic relations with Iraq, this visit points out to Iraq openness to its neighbors, it sheds lights as well on major security progress made in the country in addition to Lebanon’s interest in economic cooperation with Baghdad mainly in the oil field.
At the end of his one-day visit, Siniora left Baghdad with the ministerial council after he met with his Iraqi counterpart as well as the two vice presidents Adel Abdul Mehdi and Tarek Al Hashemi as well as head of Islamic Supreme Council Sayyed Abdul Aziz Al Hakim and Chaldean Patriarch Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly.
At his arrival to Beirut, Siniora stated that it’s important for Iraq to be reintegrated into the Arab world and for the Arab world to embrace Iraq. He noted as well that Iraq was a major economic partner to Lebanon and a major importer as Lebanon has a great economic opportunity to benefit thereof. Siniora affirmed that his visit to Baghdad was useful on the Arab, Iraqi, Lebanese scales as well as the economic level.