Last announcement of the Second Aramaic and Syriac Studies conference at The Cairo University

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(EGYPT) on 23-25 November 2016
the Cairo University will held the Second Congress of Aramaic and Syriac Studies in November 2016, and the title of Aramaic and Syriac Studies conference in the world
conference Panels are :
Aramaic and Syriac Studies
Comparative studies between Oriental languages and Aramaic and Syriac
Contrastive studies between Greek and Turkish, Armenian, and Syriac Studies
Historical studies and Syriac sources of history
Dialogue of Civilizations
Renaissance literature in Syriac
Karshunic Studies
Theater, story Studies in Syriac
Women’s literature Syriac
Coptic and Syriac Studies
Islamic civilization studies and Syriac
Grammatical and linguistic studies in Syriac
Contemporary research in language and literature Syriac
Syriac translation movement
Syriac schools and curricula Syriac Education in the Past and in the current era
Kurdish and Syriac Studies
Romanian, Jewish legislation Studies and Syriac Laws Texts

Conference Fees are $ 350 (includes accommodation and Publication of the Articles), The Accomodation will be on University Campus Hotel; its 3 Star Hotel..

Fees for M.A and Ph.D Students are only $ 200

Conference language is Arabic or Syriac, English, and German.. Italian and French are welcome too.. If you write a in another language you must deliver a brief Summary of 10 pages describes the research methodology and the importance of research, and explain in detail the search results

Please deliver your Research Summary (as one page in Arabic or English) no later than the end of august 2016, all Participants should send one Page as CV and a copy of Pass/ID.. and all Participants should deliver a full Article/Research at the end of Dezember 2016 to

Conference will take part on 23 and 24 November on The Cairo University Faculty of Arts, on 25 November all Participants will have a Visite to Alexandrian Library and Fish Lunch and Caffee at Sea Beach

Chairman of the Conference Conference Organizer
Prof. Gamal Shazly Prof. Salah Mahgoub Edris