Ladies and gentlemen,

I begin with offering my respect and regards for all, I have few wards to share with you related to the Iraqi people. However Iraqis, as you all know, have ancestors who established the first Civilization on this Land and expanded it to the surroundings for thousands of years, whom are the Assyrians.
In my observations it is noticeable that many of our people are dug deep into religious matters or are using it to support national believes, either are religious individuals working within the church parameters or are using it for some various reasons. It is very dangerous for our people to deal with life aspects through the religious and or denominational avenues. The history is full of many destructive conflicts, among Christians, Muslims and among both. I think we need to strongly refuse labeling our people as Christians (Masiheen) by us or others; our people should go back to the legitimate roots, with my sincere respect to all religions, it have to be kept private at home, Mosque and Church.
The other point I would like to bring: it is not a problem if a part of our Nation is using Chaldean or Syrian labels, but it is a big problem when such label be converted to Christian (Masihi) which results in bringing down our historic national origin. The original language, history, blood and land are the same. One Nation; I call it Assyrian; others call it Chaldean, Syrian and “Assyrian/ Chaldean/Syrian”! It is very unique also unusual but it is what it is. Again I do emphasize, all those names are for one nation; therefore the most important, smart and productive thinking is for the people who are currently related to the above names need to work together and go along, there is no choice other than that. My dear readers; people come first, before religion, denominations and geographical place of birth within the Land. I do think that all should work together and or flow in the same direction; it will help paving the road for generations to come for better life.
One more thing, who am I to tell our people what to do and or think? Despite that here are some points the way I see it:
• For the Iraqi Assyrian/Chaldean/Syrian to work as one unit or in one pot within the main stream of the Iraqi political establishment, working hard as Iraqis to get the people rights, I do not recommend heading to get help from outside Iraqi boarders; the help comes from the Iraqi people.
• It will be highly beneficial to set monthly meetings and visits between our people organizations, will help grow solid relationship.
• I usually do not get into religious business, but periodic visits between our people Church personal to communicate and pay visits to strengthen the relationship and melt the old ice wall in between.
• Also it is very essential that our people representatives and be it the religious ranked persons to pay regular visits to their brothers and sisters of the Iraqi political and Muslim Leaders, this will result in rebuilding strong bridges for the benefit of all Iraqis.
Unfortunately I do not have an access to write in Arabic, which might be in better shape of clarity, I tried Google translation but did not like it.
Thank you all for spending your valuable time reading this humble article, my thoughts might be wrong, but at the moment I do believe in it.
Best regards,
Kaiser Shahbaz
November 11, 2013