Lack of U.S. planning foments Iraqi insecurity, says Chaldean rep

By Carol Glatz

ROME (CNS) — The United States’ lack of concrete plans to help Iraq and a weak Iraqi government only foment insecurity and push Iraqi citizens to flee the country, said the Chaldean Catholic Church’s representative to the Vatican.

“The United States and coalition troops are not showing they have any strategy for the future of this country, and this is another reason Iraqis are emigrating,” Msgr. Philip Najim told the Italian Catholic agency SIR.

Iraqis see no evidence of any concrete plans for the future of the country as evidenced by the lack of “schools, roads, hospitals, public services, infrastructure (and) security,” he said in the agency’s April 9 newsletter.

“I ask myself where is the money that comes into Iraq for the oil, how are the proceeds handled; the people have a right to know,” he said.

In the face of continued violence and sectarian rivalries, “the (Iraqi) government can do nothing because it is weak; it is unable to guarantee security and respect human dignity,” the Iraqi monsignor said.

He said the Iraqi government loses credibility every time it is unable to pin down or apprehend the perpetrators of the endless kidnappings and killings of innocent people, including the late Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho of Mosul and Syrian Orthodox Father Yousef Adel Abudi, who was murdered by unidentified gunmen in April.

In Iraq “the Christians are dying; Father Adel and (Archbishop) Rahho are not the final victims,” said Msgr. Najim.