Kurdistan Regional Parliament ratificated on the constitution of the region and confirm the united naming (Chaldeans Syriacs Assyrians )

Ankawa.com-Arbil-Parliament building
  In an important development expected to receive the acceptance of Chaldeans, Syriacs and Assyrians who prefer the united naming, Kurdistan Regional Parliament ratificated today on the draft constitution of the region by confirming the united naming without separation by comma or ANDS between the names( Chaldeans Syriacs Assyrians). The project received the majority of 96 votes from a total of 97 members attended the session against only one member.
  Ankawa.com site made several meeting with members of parliament from the group while they were in the parliament building. Kalita Shaba, from the Assyrian Democratic movement, said that the problem was in paragraph (5) of the draft and our naming came today united after the presence of (ANDS) between names, and as a result of the many and long discussions in the previous days the united naming confirmed without (ANDS). Kalita was going to boycott the session or vote against the draft in case of refusal by the parliament to remove the (ANDS), she said. She added, we voted for the constitution despite our views on some other parts, but the important thing is that our people are not divided.
  Jamal Awaid, from Chaldean Cultural Society, said to Ankawa.com “The constitution reserved our religious and national rights especially in paragraphs (5) for the national identity, (29) for national rights, (6) for the religious identity and (30) for religious rights, and the presence of the paragraph in the constitution prevent imposing the verdicts of personal affairs for certain religion followers to another religion followers”. Awaid added, according to paragraph (35) the managerial rights are preserved including the autonomous and the new constitution take into consideration in the formation of government ministries the constituents other than Kurdish. Also, Awaid explain that he was surprised when he read the constitution as appeared today about the naming of our people compared to the draft distributed few days ago which was containing the (ANDS). Awaid considered both names represent our people and this naming is not final and there will be a referendum among our people about that as emphases by the constitution.
“Any people have the right for the referendum for material appeared to be necessary”
  According to Awaid, the voting on the constitution in its final form is a gaining not verified all our people ambitions, but verified most of it and took into consideration the desires of all.
  Romeo Hakkary, the secretary of Beth-Nahrain Democratic Party, said that finally the voting on the draft constitution performed by the majority of the parliament members and we, the representatives of our people in the parliament, few days ago, were not satisfied by the form appeared in the draft before the voting. He added, by the efforts of all the representatives of our people and the other good people our requests were considered in the form as we wanted in which the naming confirm that we are one nation, we the five members voted for the constitution and this is the first time our rights confirmed in the constitution of the region.
  Andrews Yokhana, from the Assyrian Democratic Movement, said as a result of the continuous and serious efforts on all levels by the representatives of our people in the parliament by protesting to the three presidential of the region (with the exception of the Chaldean Democratic Union Party representative who was refusing the united naming) our efforts succeeded and the united naming confirmed for our people (Chaldean Syriac Assyrian). The name indicates the will of our people represented by his four members of parliament. He added, the constitution included many national gains for our people in a number of its paragraphs, in spite of that we have few notices on some of the paragraph which we hope the parliament will amend them in the following amendments.
  Within the same subject, the president of Kurdistan Parliament, Adnan Al-Mufty, held journalistic conference after the ratification of the constitution, one of the journalists asked for the reason of the given name (Chaldean Syriac Assyrian) for our people.
  Al-Mufty replied that the majority of the parliament members from the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian (four out of five) wanted this name and so came our decision.