Kurdish Civil Servants Fired for Voting for Opposition Party

GMT 8-11-2009 19:41:19
Assyrian International News Agency
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(AINA) — Kurdish civil workers who voted for the opposition party in the July 25 Kurdish elections in north Iraq have been dismissed from their jobs, according to Rozhnama newspaper. In the Dokan sub-district, North Iraq, a significant number of Kurdish public sector employees have been dismissed because of their support for the Change List, which won 25 seats in the elections. Rozhnama reports that between May 31 and August 9, approximately 95 employees in law enforcement, Asayeesh, and Pesh Merga units were fired — most of those dismissed supported the Change List.
This follows a similar pattern which occurred after the January 31, 2009 provincial elections in the Nineveh Province. Several Assyrian civil servants were fired for not voting for the pro-Kurdish slate (AINA 2-20-2009).
Reform and Service list Decline Cabinet Invitation
In a recent meeting with Jalal Talabani, Iraq President and Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Reform and Service List leaders declined his invitation to join the next KRG cabinet, saying, “We got no benefit from our previous participation. We will stay as opposition in the new parliament.” Reportedly, the leaders agreed with Talabani on the need to play a positive role in opposition. Reform and Service List won 13 seats in the July 25 elections.