Khesro Goran announcing the decision of Kurdistan Regional Government for transferring Baghdeeda University students to the Universities of Kurdistan Region – Baghdeeda – Exclusive
A leader from Kurdistan Democratic Party and former deputy governor of Nineveh province, Khesro Goran, announced the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in Kurdistan Region, for the transfer of the Christian University students to the Universities and Institutes of the Region.
  Goran talk came during a symposium held by Kurdistan Student Union, Mosul branch, and Kara Kosh local Committee on Tuesday afternoon, the 17th of August 2010, in Baghdeeda at the hall of the Council of People Chaldean Assyrian Syriac.
  Goran said that the approval by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research came according to the direction and the decision of the Kurdistan Regional President, Massoud Barazani and by the assistance of Kurdistan student union.
  Then, the Secretary of the student union, Arfan Aziz, explains the transfer mechanism and the acceptance. He referred to the presence of more than 30 universities and institutes in the Region to receive the students wishing to move there. After that, a representative from the department of student affairs in the union, Dora Abdalaziz, talked about the different things concerning the transfer and the starting date at the Regional Universities.
  Then the official in charge for Mosul branch of the Kurdistan Student Union, Mohammed Sabry, explains the mechanism of transfer or the starting date for high school graduates.
  Before the end of the meeting, officials in charge for Kurdistan Student Union answered the different questions aroused by the students and their families. They promised to overcome all the difficulties that may face the student during the transfer or the starting at the Universities.
  The meeting was attended by Khalis Esho Barber, member of Iraqi Parliament, Saad Tanios, member of Nineveh province council, Nissan Karomy Razoky, governor of Al-Hamdania town, Father Salem Ataalla, Manaf Mohammed Hassan, official in charge of local Baghdeeda Kurdistan Democratic Party, Waleed Adam, official in charge of Bartella local Committee of Kurdistan Democratic Party, members from Council of People of Chaldean Assyrian Syriac, representatives of the Council of Elders of Kara Kosh and Karamleace, representative body for Christian Affairs in Baghdeeda and large number of university students and their families.