Jose Ventura @ Foresight32 Art Gallery

Dear Friends & Art Lovers,
We’re kicking off spring with a vast array of colors and fairy tales with Canadian artist Jose Ventura.
Join us at 6pm Monday 27 April 2009.
Looking forward to seeing you…

Ventura’s works, whether on canvas, glass or ceramic, are colorful, endearing and explicit. They attract through their details and once they have you captivated, they invite you to “read” them.
In 1996, with his partner, he created the carved glass panels that make up the entrance of St. Andrews Wesley church in downtown Vancouver. In 1998, always striving to express his vision in his highly personal, playful way, he started to paint on ceramics.
Nowadays José Ventura continues to paint on canvas, work in glass and paint on ceramics. He held 12 Solo exhibitions in Regina and Saskatoon- Saskatchewan, Edmonton-Alberta and Vancouver-Canada in addition to being part of 13 collective exhibitions in Canada, Paris- France, Mexico City- Mexico and San Salvador, El Salvador since 1975 and has many art projects yet to come for the next few years as head of his company José Ventura Designs, which holds the promise of more enriching art.