Istanbouli Theatre Presents “Koum Yaba” at the International Theater Festival of Algeria

Lebanese-Palestinian director and actor Kassem Istanbouli prepares to participate in the International Theater Festival of Algeria under the supervision of Governor Mr. Omar Aftmosh Festival which takes place in the period between 29 October and November 4 in the city of Bejaia in coastal Algeria. Istanbouli will play “Koum Yaba”, a monodrama about the history of the Palestinian people from 1948 until the present day, based on the memoirs of Palestinian writer Salman Natour.
This contribution will be to the fourth instance of the Festival,which falls within the activities of the celebrations of Algeria’s fifty years independence and restitution of sovereignty.
Istanbouli expressed his delight at this great historic event during this cultural wedding which will undoubtedly strengthen the camaraderie and cultural relations between the two countries.
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