ISIS that is among us

  • Written by:

Medhat Klada
They call themselves “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.” On the other hand, clerics prefer to call them “Da’ish,” while the Western world and international press call them “ISIS,” which is the initials of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

They are a group of barbaric ferocious people who have submitted themselves to a terrorist religious ideology. They rejoice over slaughtering people and cheer when they see their victims bleed to death. They believe they are the followers of God, while in fact they are the followers of the most violent demons. They have the features of human beings and the souls of devils. They slaughter people while they chant “Allah is the greatest” and kill their victims in the name of religion. Ironically they think that they are the soldiers of God, while their deeds prove that they are the soldiers of the ruthless Satan. They believe that they are righteous, while their acts reflect who they really are. They rape women and girls in the name of God! They brutally assault girls who are still virgins as long as they are Shiites, Yazidis or Christians. They are doing all these things as if it were a rehearsal for how they will behave in their promised paradise.

While the moral standards of the world have reached a high level, ISIS is bringing the world back to the ages of slavery where women were sold like animals. They bring back the ages of slavery in the name of religion.

ISIS has succeeded in raising many questions and many people are looking at it from different points of view.

Many people wonder about how ISIS came into being. Who financed it? How did it unite so that within few months it managed to gain popularity and occupy a large piece of land that is at least three times bigger than Lebanon and is still striving to expand and control other countries.

Many people are shocked to see the brutality of slaughtering and killing people in front of cameras, to see the mercilessness of blowing up peoples’ heads with live bullets and raping and selling women as if they were animals in the name of religion.

Many people are surprised to see how the actions committed by members of ISIS have surpassed any action that could be committed by even the most bloodthirsty demons.

Many people who live in the Middle East wonder about what the characteristics are of such a faith that could turn human beings into ferocious beasts and crash all human values and degrade them to the most despicable levels.

We are all surprised about what is going on and we all condemn it. Sometimes we look at what is happening as if it were a dream and refuse to believe it. Sometimes we refuse to believe that members of ISIS are Muslims, and sometimes we curse them and curse their beliefs.

The truth that we cannot deny is that they are Muslims. They were born in our countries and grew up among us. They were ruled by our rulers and kings and learned at our schools. They shared the same food we eat and breathed the same air we breathe. ISIS did not come out of nowhere. ISIS is the result of the teachings that are taught in our religious schools, the sermons that are spread all over our countries and the satellite TV channels which spread poisonous ideas and hatred that are capable of creating ferocious beasts rather than teaching people good manners. For example, take a look at the curricula of Al-Azhar that teaches its students the ideas and the beliefs of Imam Al-Nawawi who teaches, among other things, that it is permissible to kill anybody who does not pray.

Although we all admit that ISIS is adopting backward ideologies, sadly ISIS is using the teachings of the Salaf [the early generations of Islamic teachings] to justify its terrorist acts.

Although ISIS adopts backward ideologies, yet it owns modern weapons, has a well trained army and possesses millions of dollars which they got from Arab countries and individuals. ISIS has been trained by the Turkish intelligence that has an interest in dividing the region and getting rid of the Kurds. In addition to all this, there is also the strongest country in the world that aims at destabilizing the whole region in order to keep its strategic ally as the strongest part in the region.

Many people think that ISIS has no future, but the fact is that ISIS will remain as long as the kings and rulers in the Arab region remain in their positions and are satisfied with the meaningless shows performed by some drones that drop a bomb here and there. ISIS will remain as long as the Arab rulers and kings remain in their positions and act as scarecrows without playing any effective role in international policy. ISIS will remain as long as there is no revolution to reform and develop Islamic thought, and as long as there are Muslims who depend on the teachings of the Salaf without reinterpreting it to make it suitable for this modern age.

ISIS will remain and one day all those who nurtured it will drink from its poison, exactly as anybody who nurtures a snake and later gets killed by its venom, or anybody who harbours a murderer and latter gets killed by him or anybody who remains silent while he sees the house of his neighbour being robbed and later becomes a victim of the same robbers.

Do not wonder why the world remains silent despite all the acts of expulsion, slaughtering and killing of the Christian, Yazidi and Shiite minorities. The Western world is silent because ISIS is implementing the West‘s own agenda. The biggest disaster that resulted from the silence of the Islamic world is that the Islamic religion itself is being defamed. There will be one day where everybody will pay the price for not having taken any action when he saw the house of his neighbour being robbed.

ISIS grew up among us, drank our water, breathed our air and was influenced by the teachings of our ancestors.

Take a look at the criminal acts committed by terrorist groups in Egypt as well as in its neighbouring countries. These terrorist groups have been stealing, burning and looting churches, houses and shops believing that it is religiously permissible for them to do so.

Look more and more carefully at the picture to make sure that ISIS is a local product and that it is not an illusion. Inside all governmental institutions there is a little ISIS waiting for a chance to reveal itself, and once it appears it will not be less terrorist or less racist than the members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
When will we face the truth that ISIS is a local product?