ISIS’ Plot to Kidnap or Kill Christians in Refugee Camps Uncovered

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By Lorraine Caballero , Christian Post Contributor
Yazidi Refugees
REUTERS / Umit Bektas
Yazidi refugee women stand behind a banner as they wait for the arrival of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Special Envoy Angelina Jolie at a Syrian and Iraqi refugee camp in the southern Turkish town of Midyat in Mardin province, Turkey. June 20, 2015.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has reportedly concocted a plot to either kidnap of kill Christians in refugee camps.

Trained ISIS assassins are infiltrating refugee camps under the guise of being refugees in their mission to kidnap or kill Christians. Aid workers at a Jordan camp managed by the United Nations (UN) uncovered the extremist group’s latest plot, according to a Sunday Express report cited by Christian Today (CT).

The plot was revealed after one of the trained assassins who managed to enter the camp in Jordan renounced jihad after he saw the situation inside the place. He reportedly witnessed how the Christian workers in the refugee camp treated his fellow Syrians with kindness and this touched his heart deeply that he was moved to divulge the ISIS’ plan to the authorities, the Express reports.

The ISIS agent, who was not named for security reasons, also said the extremist group also sent kidnappers into the camps to take female refugees and sell them as sex slaves. The terror group wants to completely wipe off Christianity from the map, the report adds.

“The Muslim gangs come as refugees, but they have their agendas. They’re like a mafia,” CT quotes the UN aid worker’s statement. “People are even killed inside the camps, and the refugees are afraid to say if they saw somebody get killed. If you ask them, they’ll say, ‘I don’t know, I was asleep.'”

Refugees who have witnessed some of the killings resolve to stay mum for fearing of being targeted as the next victim, the aid worker said.

The discovery of the ISIS’ plot to kill Christians in refugee camps gave rise to concerns that disguised assassins may gain entry to the United Kingdom, which has promised to welcome 20,000 Christian refugees from the Middle East. The jihadists could inflict terror on the United Kingdom if they succeed in carrying out their plot, the report relays.

In Syria and Iraq, ISIS has reportedly killed thousands of Christians who refused to reject their faith. Since 2003, at least 1,800 Christians in Iraq have suffered brutal deaths at the hands of Islamic extremists and around 100,000 fled from Mosul after ISIS invaded the town.