ISIS mission has support of Windsor Chaldeans

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CBC News
Priest says ISIS insurgents are persecuting Chaldens in Iraq and Syria
Daoud Baffro presides over of the Holy Family Chaldean Church in Windsor. (Dale Molnar/CBC)
Increased Canadian military force to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria has the support of Chaldean Catholics in Windsor in order to save people of their faith from persecution.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pushing to expand the mission against ISIS. He wants to implement airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria, a move that is being rejected by the New Democrats and Liberals.
But it’s a move that has the backing of Windsor’s Chaldean Catholics.

Chaldean Catholics say that in Iraq, they are facing the desecration of their churches and religious artifacts at the hands of ISIS insurgents.

Monsignor Daoud Baffro presides at a Windsor’s Holy Family Chaldean Catholic. He said in ISIS-controlled parts of Iraq, 60 churches have been destroyed, three monasteries have been bombed and thousands of Chaldean have been forced to flee to Kurdistan, where they are living as refugees.

“They don’t have house now,” said Baffro. “They don’t have school, they don’t have churches, they don’t have priest, they need help these people.”

Parishioner Saher Sako came to Windsor from Baghdad two years ago.

He and Monsignor Baffro are both in favour of increased military force by Canada to save the Chaldeans from persecution.

“All the responsible people, like the governments in Canada … in the U.S. and everywhere, [have] to take care of these people,” said Sako. “They are human beings.”