ISIS Executes 6 Fighters By Crushing Them With A Bulldozer

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ISIS Executes 6 Fighters By Crushing Them With A Bulldozer
Andre Mitchell Reuters
Shi’ite fighters fire weapons towards ISIS militants on the outskirt of Baiji, northern Iraq, on Sept. 6, 2015.
Christians are not the only ones brutalised by Islamic State (ISIS) militants. Having no mercy, these terrorists also have no qualms about killing their own in a violent way.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, the ISIS ordered the execution of six of its members in Iraq in the most brutal way imaginable: by having them ran over and crushed by a bulldozer.

The ISIS fighters were sentenced to death after they supposedly fled the town of Sharqat in northern Iraq to avoid fighting in a battle. The town is the site of fresh fighting between the militants and government forces.

Civilians in the area were reportedly forced to watch the execution of the ISIS fighters. The ISIS said the grisly execution of its own fighters was meant to serve as a warning to other fighters not to flee the battlefield.

The ISIS recently suffered a major setback after the capture of one of its leaders, Abu Omar al-Assafi, who was installed by the terror group to govern Sharqat. He was captured by Iraqi security forces reportedly disguised as a woman and hiding among civilians, in an attempt to escape the town which was recently lost by the ISIS.

The security forces were able to recover from the captured ISIS leader a memory stick believed to contain the names and addresses of key officials in the organisation.

The storage device also reportedly contained a plan by the ISIS militants to burn down the houses of residents and then make it appear that Iraqi security forces did it.

Following the capture of Sharqat and the ISIS leader, top American military officers in Iraq are now targeting the recapture of ISIS-occupied Mosul, Iraq’s second biggest city after Baghdad. Humanitarian groups are also reportedly preparing for the humanitarian challenges that expectedly will come with this offensive.

“Humanitarian agencies are racing against the clock to prepare for the humanitarian impact of the military campaign,” the United Nations said.