ISIS Executes 3 Assyrian Christians in Hasakah, Syria

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Newslines • World • ISIS Executes 3 Assyrian Christians in Hasakah, Syria
Islamic State militants have killed three Assyrian Christian captives who were among almost 200 Christians abducted earlier this year in northeastern Syria, two human rights monitoring groups said on Thursday.
Once the three recipients have already been gunned down, three more orange-suited hostages are applied to remain within their…

IS kidnapped almost 200 Assyrians in February.

The three male Christian captives met their deaths in September but news of the execution only surfaced this week.

A video released by the Islamic group shows one of the men delivering an Isis threat. In the video, a demand for $50,000 ransom for each of the surviving captives is made; ISIS demands were reportedly lowered when it became clear the Assyrian Christian community could not afford to pay the $23 million needed to free all of the hostages.

A post on the Assyrian Democratic Organization’s Facebook page states that it believes the video was made on the morning of the first day of the Islamic festival of Eid Al-Adha – the “Feast of Sacrifice” – when Muslims all over the world ritually slaughter animals.

ISIS gunmen shot the three Assyrian abductees in the head. We plea and beg of the worldwide community to intervene immediately.

“Pro-Assad military forces in Hasakah province took advantage of ISIS attacks on the Assyrian areas by conducting an ethnic cleansing against the Assyrian minority group across the province”, Edward said. We have been driven out of our ancestral lands.

We are now looking for a raw video of the latest ISIS propaganda film. “It can not survive without a safe haven and worldwide protection”.