ISIS destroy ancient Assyrian ‘Gate of God’ near Mosul

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The media activist Zuheir Mousilly said that since its control over the city of Mosul in 2014, ISIS have destroyed much of Iraqi historic sites and monuments, including the Assyrian city of Nimrud, the Winged Bulls, and the Mosul National Museum, after stealing the removable pieces for smuggling.The Islamic State reportedly used military equipment to destroy the gate. It dates back to the 7 century B.C and is mentioned in the Bible. The destruction of the gate is just the latest in the series of acts of vandalism conducted by IS.A source at the British Institute for the Study of Iraq confirmed to The Independent that the gate had been attacked.The carnage continues in Iraq.The source also cited unconfirmed reports that stone blocks from the Walls of Nineveh were being sold off by jhadists.In February 2015, the group released propaganda footage of militants vandalising Mosul’s museum.Around the same time, Mosul’s library was also ransacked by Isis, who burned more than 100,000 old books and manuscripts, some of which were recognised as historical rarities by Unesco.The university has turned out chemical weapons and suicide bombs and also served as a training ground for teaching recruits how to use the devices.The campaign of cultural destruction has reached beyond the Middle East into North Africa, where ISIS militants have destroyed Sufi shrines in Libya.Last year, ISIS extremists bombed the historic Yezidi ancient minaret of the Shingal district in northern Iraq, and a year ago, they blew up the church of Virgin Mary in the Assyrian village of Tel Nasri in northeastern Syria.