Iraq’s civilians: the forgotten victims of war

Iraq’s civilians: the forgotten victims of war
Iraqi civilians are the main victims of terrorist and sectarian attacks that bring bloodshed to the country, day in and day out. And, for many Iraqis, news of the latest US casualty toll, means little or nothing at all. “The death of 4,000 American soldiers does not concern us,” said one Iraqi citizen on a street in Baghdad.
“What really concerns us are the deaths of innocent Iraqis, totalling hundreds of thousands.

Some are more outspoken about US casualties.

“God willing the death toll will reach four million and more,” another man said, complaining that the Americans had brought neither democracy nor freedom, with ongoing death the harsh reality.

Members of Iraq’s small Christian community are among those suffering. In one of the latest attacks, one person was injured when a mortar slammed into a house in central Baghdad, as those inside were celebrating Easter.