Iraqis Caught in Mexico with Fake Passports

**I posted this story originally in January, but considering the Amnesty Bill fight, I think it appropriate to bump up as a reminder of why Bush’s open border fight is increasingly absurd**

In the meantime, as we’re arresting and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars prosecuting border patrol agents, Mexico has detained nine Iraqis, with fake passports, trying to board a plane bound for California.

Mexico Holding 11 Iraqis With Fake Papers

Eleven Iraqis carrying false passports and heading to California were arrested at Monterrey’s airport, immigration officials said Monday.

Nine men, a woman and a two-year-old girl traveled from Madrid, Spain, to Monterrey, where they were detained Saturday, an immigration official said on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly about the arrests.

They say they’re Christians fleeing oppression in Iraq. Funny thing, they arrived from Madrid, where Christians are treated pretty darn well. But now, apparently, fleeing from persecution requires landing in California. Yeah, and I’m Jayne Mansfield. Well, I suppose I am a little, but not completely.

Oh yeah, and there apparently very few women Christians who need to ‘flee’ Iraq. This group of 11 had one woman among them (caring for the baby). For a bunch of male Iraqi ‘Christians,’ it’s amazing how they have no women in their lives.