Iraqi Women journalist Forum .. demanding the adoption of a bill criminalizing dealing with tribal women

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Iraqi Women journalist Forum condemns Iraqi women what has happened in the province of Basra from the blatant violation of their rights; after the tribes in the north of the province on 02/06/2015, providing 50 women as “tribal separation” as a result of armed conflict.

The forum said what happened is defective right of the Iraqi clans and require everyone to deal with such actions as a return to tribal ignorance which we have committed our religion to stay away and discarded as it contradicts the principles of democracy and civic life system.

Forum and expressed great concern about this phenomenon in which women are treated as (my neighborhood), a serious indication of the weakness of the law and the state, despite the fact that Iraqi women endured tragedies of life, and they stood with the man in the defense of Iraq, and to deal with them on the basis of quarterly clan is something defective and contravenes the Constitution, human rights and international conventions and treaties.

And it calls for Media Women Forum Government and Parliament to adopt the bill criminalizing dealing with women clan and take swift and effective measures to curb inhumane practices toward women.