Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon: Escaped from death and habituate behind bars, inside Roumiya and Zahla

Evan Butrus: /Lebanon/Beirut
Iraqi Christians in Lebanon are suffering from continues fear and sensation, also facing severe social and economical situations after escaping from death, migration, terrorism, kidnapping militia, gangs and mined cars, targeting their Churches and clergymen.

Most Iraqi’s who lost their houses and properties are without legal residence permit and formal documents, due to impotence conditions imposed by Lebanese authorities, including a Lebanese sponsor and a payment of US$2500 /year subjected to work permit for each person.
The problem is the rare opportunities of work, and if available, wages are less than US$250, small amount for covering the high living expenses.

Procedures to get annual residence is difficult and Lebanese authorities refused to issue a temporary residence or even a temporary alternative document, also do not take into consideration the refugee certificate granted by UNHCR, and reasons for leaving including, photos of killed bodies of relatives, traces caused by torture and photos of damaged Churches.

Human Rights Watch, an international humanitarian organization called for settlement of refugees, but foreign embassies refused to grant Visas.

Prisoners figure indicates 580 Iraqi’s (not accurate), staying behind prison bars in Roumiya and Zahla for more than 8 months.

Questions asked by migrants;” who is responsible for our suffering and the unknown future”?
No answer, but hopes for the end of the dark tunnel to reach to freedom during 2008.