Iraqi Fund Pays It Forward To The American People

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By Iraqi Christian Relief Council CHICAGO, April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In 2003, the lives of 1.5 million Iraqi Christians began to change forever as people were persecuted and displaced in Iraq. Today, as Americans face the threat of the deadly COVID-19 virus, an Iraqi Christian foundation has not forgotten the benevolence of the American People.

Juliana Taimoorazy, Founder of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council (‘ICRC’), a former refugee herself has worked tirelessly to elevate awareness and relief for Christians throughout the Nineveh Plain. “When we appealed to the American people, they answered the call by opening their hearts, offering up prayers, and giving benevolently,” says Juliana. “This is why it is our turn to rise.”

Immediately, front line healthcare and first responders need to be protected. As we move into the next several weeks of the pandemic, American citizens will need masks. ICRC wants to ensure that everyone who wants a mask, will have access to a mask. The team at ICRC partnered with famous fashion designer Barbara Bates and the Barbara Bates Foundation to make this happen.

When the healthcare industry put out the call for more face masks, Barbara knew that she had the equipment and staff that could make it happen. With a $5,000 donation from ICRC, the fashion workroom was refocused into a mask manufacturing site. Last week, a new batch of masks were delivered directly to Chicago’s front line, including Mount Sinai and Jackson Park hospitals.

At this time, health and government officials suggest that citizens wear a mask. As healthcare restores its supply chain to enable the proper delivery of needed supplies, the overall demand will shift to the general public. “America stood with us in our time of need, and now we stand with all Americans in doing what we can to be of service,” Juliana continued. “We also want to invite other organizations and caring individuals to join us in donating a mask.”  The masks being constructed in the Bates Design studio are made to industry standards. In addition, when laundered properly, high-quality cotton masks can be re-used.

ICRC leveraged its donor platform to launch a campaign so that individuals and businesses from all cultures and religions can participate in this mask movement. “I understand that a mask is not a cure, but in the middle of a crisis, people look for a measure of comfort, and some people find comfort in wearing a mask,” continues Juliana. “When there is such a high demand for masks, I want to make sure that we help flood the supply. We have made it very simple to make a donation; go to”

In the coming weeks, the ICRC team will continue to distribute masks and extend prayers for our first responders, front liners, and all people affected by the pandemic. For more information of Juliana Taimoorazy and the work of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, please visit

Juliana Taimoorazy is a leading international advocate, speaker and writer advancing awareness of persecution of Christians in the Middle East. She is the founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. Taimoorazy is also the founder of “Assyrians Against Anti-Semitism”, an initiative which stands in solidarity with the Jewish people in America.  Juliana founded the Iraqi Christian Relief Council to shine a light on the plight of Iraqi Christians and raise funds to deliver food, shelter and medicine to Iraq.  For additional information or to speak with Juliana, please contact Cindi Sutera at or call 610-613-2773.