Iraqi coach Ammo Baba passed away – Duhok /Exclusive
 Ammo Baba the Iraqi coach Sheigh passed away on Wednesday night in one of the hospitals in Duhok city northern Iraq after a long struggle with disease.
After hours of Baba’s death announcement, sadness was generalized over Iraqi people and sport media.
Baba is a football coach from Iraq and a former football player. Emmanouel Dawood was born on 1934 and came into prime of life in Habaniya (98 Kilometers west Baghdad), started his sport life away from football, he was the Iraqi champion in hindrance 400 field and the Iraqi champion in ping pong games.
Ismaeel Mohamed the famous coach and commentator was the first who discovered Baba’s sport talents in 1950 in Kashafa stadium in Baghdad during the championship of Iraqi schools within Al-Habaniya school team (Anbar province). After asking his name Ismaeel called him with his nick name Ammo Baba instead of Emmanouel.
In 1950 Iraq participated in the Arab school match in Cairo where Ammo Baba participated for the first time.The late continued training players of small ages inside an academy he founded in Baghdad.His family are living in Chicago till his death on 27-May-2009.