Iraqi Church leaders plead for protection after kidnappings, killings in Baghdad

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Catholic World News The Chaldean Catholic Patriarchate of Baghdad has issued a new appeal for protection of Iraqi Christians. The plea comes after four Christians were kidnapped in Baghdad in the past two weeks, and two of them killed.
“It is unfortunate that the security situation continues to deteriorate,” the Chaldean Patriarchate says; “and that some individuals and groups exploit it to carry out the kidnapping of innocent people in order to gain sums of money and terrorize civilians.”

The statement goes on to say that Christians have been the targets of other predatory schemes. Some Christian homes have been seized by unscrupulous people who falsify documents to claim possession; other Christians have received phone calls warning them to quit their jobs.

The continued targeting of Christians for violence and criminal exploitation has increased the pressure to emigrate, the Chaldean hierarchy notes. The Church leaders plead for government action to provide adequate security.