Iraqi Christians flee violence from Islamic terrorists

iraqmap1.jpgAllie Martin –
One ministry is supporting Christians living in and fleeing Mosul, Iraq.
Recently, two Christian sisters were killed in Mosul by Islamic terrorists simply because they were Christians. The violent act comes as more than 200 displaced Christian families from Mosul started to return to their houses after more Iraqi troops were deployed in the city.

Jerry Dykstra is with Open Doors USA, which is helping families that have fled Mosul to live in the Nineveh plain. “So we really need to pray for the Christians who remain there and the Christians who are now refugees, and Open Doors has sent food packages and blankets and cooking oil to some of the refugees,” he notes. “And especially with winter coming in that northern part of Iraq, it’s really going to be difficult.”

In the past two months, an estimated 24 to 40 Christians in Mosul have been killed because of their faith.