Iraq Protests Spur Conversions, New Parties

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Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  More than a year ago in October 2019, one of Iraq’s largest protests reached its peak. Now, as Iraq looks to its next elections in October 2021, new parties emerge and Christians call for prayer for the country.

During the violent, anti-government protests, Christian ministries filled the streets, engaging with protestors, most of whom were Muslim. It was in these chaotic streets that many heard the Gospel clearly for the first time and could ask questions. In the midst of these protests, many cams to faith in Jesus. These Muslim Background Believers are now seeking to act out their faith in the upcoming elections.

On January 25, Chaldean Christians began a 3 day fast to pray for peace and security in their country. The Nineveh Fast as it’s called, after the three days Jonah spent in the belly of the whale, was a time to pray ahead of Pope Francis’ upcoming visit in March.

As the country looks to the October elections, many new political parties have registered, creating hope for the opportunity of real change. Around 60 of the 260 registered parties are new. Some of these are part of protestors-turned-politicians with the goal of implementing the change that the protests advocated for. These parties must find common ground and unity for government reform, and it is time for the new MBB Christians to find their voice.

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Iraq Protests Spur Conversions, New Parties