Iraq play speaking for Christians unity

Syriac theatre director Georges Hawell aims through his play “Bride and Peace” which plays in Arbil, Kurdistan to unify Iraqi Christians.
The director explains that the play’s idea came up in the wake of Iraq strenuous developments including forced displacement. The director relates in his play a humanitarian message seeking Christians’ unity.
The play talks about a love story between an Assyrian woman and a Chaldean man who once he decided to marry his loved one, the girl’s father objects and plans to take her to the States to marry her to an Assyrian man. However, the girl manages to return home to stay by the side of her first love. The play ends in a theatrical musical scene that gathers all Christian components in order to confirm that no differences come in the way of coexistence and unity.
Actors were dressed in folklore costumes while the director meant to mix between the Arabic and Syriac languages in the play in order to preserve the origin of Christians in Mosul for those who overlook their mother tongue and only speaks Arabic.
One of the most impressive scenes that marked spectators was when the hero of the play asks from his fiancé not to mock his friends as she was telling him: “You spend most of your time with your Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldean friends”. He answers her: “You don’t know me well. We are all Christians united by the love of Jesus”.
According to the director, art can often be the reason that unites people and this play is a call of unity for all.
The play is witnessing massive turnout and is displayed at the Chaldean Culture Association Theatre in Inkawa village in Arbil.